At The Roaming Dog Groomer, we take pride in providing high-quality dog grooming services that meet the unique needs of each pet and their owner. We understand that your furry friend is an important member of your family, and we're committed to providing them with the care, attention, and grooming services they deserve.

But don't just take our word for it! We're thrilled to share some of the feedback we've received from our satisfied clients. Below, you'll find a selection of testimonials from pet owners who have used our services and seen the results firsthand.

We believe that these testimonials are a testament to the quality of our services and the care and attention we put into each grooming session. We're committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and positive experience for your pet, and we're grateful to our clients for sharing their experiences with us.

Thank you for washing buster, I've never seen him look so white!!


Thanks dial a dog wash, jake looks fab and smells lovely too! He's crashed out now sound asleep


Bindi enjoying his wash this morning! Thank you so much he smells wonderful!!


Excellent service. Would not take my dog anywhere else. Lovely bloke and treats my dog as if it were his own!


We had our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Eddie, fully groomed just outside our house- so no stressful drive. Eddie came back looking and smelling great. Great service, great prices- what's not to love!

Sue, Basingstoke

Matthew came to my home and was so gentle with my Oscar who was a rescue and very wary of men... he did a lovely job and Oscar really took to him

Nikki and Oscar

Thank you sooo much for my lovely smelling fluffy pugs, they are now running around my house absolutely bonkers mad!!


Thank you Matt, a fantastic job!!


Extremely thankful and very happy with your service; you definitely have a customer for the future.

James in Basingstoke

They all look and smell fabulous now. Will be sure to recommend you to all our local dog owning friends


Marley loved her bath! She smells awesome and our carpets no longer have her hair all over them!! Thank you so much!!


Thanks Mathew for Rocky and Ozzies clean-up. They look and smell great.


Louie just had his lovely groom from Matthew. Fab job and Louie smells gorgeous!


Matthew was fantastic with Oliver and I was really impressed with how quickly he gained his trust, as he can often be very nervous around new people.


Thank you Matthew for coming round and making Marley smell and look lovely!


Matthew comes in and gives her a wonderful cuddle and talks quietly to her.. he is winning her over. He's amazing. Thank you Matthew.

Bren Phillips

Thank you so much for "Hollys make over" she looks and smells lovely and her fur is so soft and clean.